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To Premiere in Summer 2013

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Egypt, Cairo | Tuesday 19 March 2013:

WIKA for Film Production and Distribution released the character posters and the teaser trailer for Harag W' Marag. WIKA's new production is to be released in Egyptian theaters on June 5th, 2013.

Harag W' Marag is the feature directorial debut of Nadine Khan. Produced and edited by Dina Farouk with a story by Nadine Khan, adapted to a screenplay by Mohamed Nasser.

Seven posters were released; each poster includes one of the film's main characters; Manal (Ayten Amer), Zaki (Mohamed Farrag), Monir (Ramsi Lehner), Hajj Sayed (Sabry Abdel Moneim), Tok Tok (Ossama Atteya), Coach (Hany Al Metnawy), and Bondok (Sayed Sami).

A social drama, the film is the story of lost love in a controversial setting; Zaki (Farrag), Mounir (Lehner) and Manal (Ayten Amer) are in their twenties, and living in a confined community where basic needs are met yet chaos and disorder brew. The two boys are in love with the same girl who finds herself the subject of a bet for a football match between them, the winner to marry Manal. This story reflects a football and PlayStation youth and how they deal with their emotions in a community that is increasingly closed off and isolated.

Hara W' Marag's world premiere was in Dubai International Film Festival in 2012, where it won the Special Jury Award.